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Alexis laugier

Self-taught musician and composer. I started studying Sound Design in 2013 at ACFA Multimedia after 2 years of Musicology License in order to specialize in audio for multimedias, especially sound in video games. Learning new digital tools in the audio industry allowed me to quickly find a way to express my creativity through current medias.

In 2018, I decided to create my freelance activity and started to exercise my passion on various fascinating projects.


I love working in collaboration with game developers which, in my opinion, is one of the most open and experimental playgrounds for the sound designer.

I had the chance to make sound editing on various animated short films by working with "Studio des Aviateurs" on ESMA movies in 2019 and 2020, but also, the opportunity to work on a movie as Lead Audio: Commando Ninja by Benjamin Combes.


Audio is a large industry bringing together many skills, so I do my best to manage all the different needs of my collaborators in these multiple categories:

Sound Design, Audio Edit, Music Composition, Voice Design, Audio Engine Integration, Audio Mixing.


My sound analysis capacity and the many virtual instruments at my disposal allow me to easily adapt to various musical needs and styles, whether to compose orchestral epic music, electro / Chiptunes themes or more intimate creations.




List of audio software used: Nuendo, Wwise, LogicPro, Protools, Soundly.



  • EVE audio SC205 Bundle + TS108

  • Bayer Dynamic DT770

  • SSL 2+

  • Neumann TLM102

  • Komplete Kontrol MK1

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